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2012年6月5日 星期二

Morning Walk: National Taichung Library


It has been one year that I would look out from my office window, anticipating the opening of National Taichung Library. A room with a view has never been such a torment but our group morning walk to the library turned out quite a surpise!

Here are some fresh news reporters' reflection to share with you our brand-new NTL. [Coming up on June 17, 2012)
Enjoy! (Life is good in Taichung.)                    PJW

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  1. A Lovely Night with the White Wavy Whale
    Like a brother of Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus across sea, National Taichung Library’s streamlined snow-white appearance releases an exotic, fascinating, and peaceful atmosphere. This irregular building is like a giant whale resting on the green grass. As the wind blows, it looks like the library is swimming under Taichung’s giant tub filling with fresh air from Germany. Walking into the library in such a scorching hot summer is like jumping into a chilly swimming pool. A new, modern and technological scene comes into eyes right away. Newly opened about ten days, everything in the library, such as desks, chairs, bookshelves, still gives out the smell of new home, except for some of the books, which symbolize tradition. However, this new library seems to tell us that he is not a conventional one by equipped with red, white, orange, blue and green modern furniture. The facilities are also the most novel ones such as iPad, tablet PC, and giant reader with touch screen. With all these equipment, this library stuns people not only because of its beautiful appearance but also its inner beauty. The purpose of a library is to build up every individual’s inner beauty by offering the knowledge. It is impossible to finish utilizing all the facilities here within one day. Time flies like an arrow. With the Pachelbel's Canon accompanied, which best described the peaceful characterization of this spotlessly-white library, people start to pack their things and leave with satisfied. The happy, relaxed and fulfilled expression on the visitors’ faces is the best compliment to National Taichung Library.

  2. The beauty of National Taichung Library is worthy of our sweated walking there in a boiling hot morning. First, I am impressed by the forecourt of the library. It is just like a part of the arena. After going in, we need to fill out the form to register for a card. It’s abashed that I fail of getting a card because I forget to bring my ID card. Meanwhile, as I stand in line, there is a robot coming here. It arouses everybody’s attention instantly. It is really cute and its color is just like Buzz Light Year in the Toy Story. After the encounter with the robot, I go up stair to explore the unknown areas of the library. It’s a world in children’s imagination. There are so many cute cartoon characters created by Taiwanese animators out there. One of them, A-kuei, really reminds me of my childhood memory. A-kuei had accompanied with me for a period of time when I was little. I continue to go up stair. It’s a world full of “happy age” people. It’s so sweet that the library sets up a place where there are old people learning, reading and sharing knowledge with one another. It’s true that learning is for everybody and for every age. It’s not only for every Taiwanese but also for everybody from all over the world. There are even Twilight and The Help in the version of Vietnam! This area, multicultural zone is my favorite part! Perhaps, as I learn all those different languages, I can also read all those special versions of Twilight and enjoy all those handsome Edward in different languages. It’s really a great library for everybody!

  3. Exploring NTL!
    Let us visit National Taichung Library together! I’m Cat, your loyal tour guide! On May 15, NTL became Taiwan's first digital library. When people see its special building, it is easy to associate with the Main Stadium in Kaohsiung. Today, I take a short visit with my friends.
    When we apply for a library card, the robot, Babe, appears. A librarian introduces the robot to us. It carries books around the library instead of manpower. Then, we go to the third floor. By the way, the elevator is in high speed.
    Our destination is “The information center of England, American and French”. Originally, I misunderstand this center as “The law of England, American and French”. There are some interesting books.
    After visiting the center, we move to a corner which includes lots of iPad! We have a good time there. I surf the Internet and use some APP. A librarian says that readers could not read a newspaper in that corner.
    Time flies. It is time to say goodbye. By our simple introduction, will you want to take a visit as soon as possible? I promise that NTL would amaze you! Enjoy visiting!

    By Cat

  4. Taiwan-France Cultural Exchanges in Taichung's Hottest Landmark
    Taiwan-France cultural exchanges have a very long history. Since Taiwan government does not have substantial diplomatic relationship with France, these exchanges are mostly through civil societies. Literary and artistic fields, such as visual art, architecture, music, movie, drama and dance, are major items of exchanges. Recently, there is a growing trend that leads Taiwan-France cultural exchanges from these particular fields to a broader range of fields. Science, technology, archeology are some examples. Through these collaborations, interaction of the two countries also changes from one-sided import to mutual and equal cooperation.
    In this context, the establishment of National Taichung Library’s French Corner is a significant milestone. As the second French Corner established in Asia, National Taichung Library’s French Corner is larger than the one in Singapore. It is also the second corner established following the American Corner in National Taichung Library, which shows the close tie-up between Taiwan and France. With 40,000 books available in French Corner, people are able to understand more about French literature, design, movie, cuisine and lifestyle in respectively sections. Catering to the trend of French education, there are also dictionaries, self-learning materials and informations about study tour here.

  5. A Short Visit to the New Landmark of Taichang—National Taichang Library

    Moving from its original location, the library reopens in a giant, white building with many new facilities. Standing outside, the library looks like a high-tech company we often see in the movies. In front of it is a greensward, making the library more ecofriendly. The library is a place where we gain our knowledge and have a peace of mind.

    National Taichang Library has many new high-tech additions. In the spacious hall, Readers can search the book they want to find on a computer and check out books on the machines. The machine will print out the receipt. Different from other libraries, National Taichang Library has interactive directory area and digital experience area, where it can give visitors a short guide.

    The second floor is multi-media center. It has computers, digital art center, and movie center. Readers can do their research, watch movies on huge flatscreen, record music, and do photo shooting. The dominant characteristic is its digitalization and convenience. People can not only read books, newspapers, and magazines but can also watch DVDs and record music. People who do not like libraries will immediately fall in love with this place!

    Magazines and newspapers are on the third floor. Here, the library has magazines of different kinds that can satisfy all readers, including The Economist, VOGUE, and SLAM. Newspapers can also be read on touch screens. There is a place for the elders, where the books are enlarged. They can read with convenience. On the fifth floor are books written in foreign language. It has popular novels such as Hunger Games and Twilight and books about history, literature, economy and science.

    During this visit in early June, I saw many new facilities that the library did not have before. It has a relaxing atmosphere that makes people want to stay longer. For me, my favorite place is definitely the second floor. When you have time, take a visit to the library! It surely will not disappoint you.

  6. On a sweltering morning our class took a forty-minute trip to National Taichung Library, the newly-built library located near National Chung Hsing University. After walking for ten minutes in the sun, we arrived there and were drenched in sweat. The well-functioned air conditioner really lifted my spirits, and the tiredness was dispersed by the cool wind.

    People can apply for a library card on the first floor. The information desk is on the right side. People can clearly see it as soon as they step inside. It was a pity that I didn’t bring my library card. If I had been informed about this trip, I would have been well-prepared and even brought my high-tech camera.

    On the second floor, there are many comfortable seats for couples, a group of friends, or individual to watch a fantastic movie. The Internet is also available there. I found several middle aged men checking their mail and Facebook in the public area. “Why can’t they go to more interesting website and make good use of the free resource? Is their world confined in Facebook? Boring people! ” I thought to myself.

    The third floor is designed for the elderly. I wondered what kinds of books were written for them, so I picked up one about carpentry and read it for a while. Maybe I can be a carpenter during summer vacation and make the first wood chair for myself. Generally, those books were to teach people how to kill time.

    The former library was built squarely like a jail, while the new library is not only a library but also a place for entertainment. Furnished with colorful bookcases, the new library is like a home where everyone can relax here. Surely I will visit it again and again, exploring the endless treasure during the forthcoming long vacation.

  7. On June 6, 2012, at eight o’clock in the morning, our professor Mona Wu made a brilliant decision that sobered me up: we were going to pay a visit to National Taichung Library. After the announcement, we headed for the library without hesitation.
    After a fifteen-minute walk, a gigantic and pure white construction came into sight. It was built in an irregular shape, a shape that makes it a “modern” or what we may call it a “contemporary” building. After appreciating the exterior features, we walked into the building. The first thing we did was to apply for a library membership card. While I was standing in line waiting for my turn, I felt something standing behind me. It was not a human being or a living creature; it was something that I had never seen in my life……it was a robot! The robot was designed as the look of an owl and was approximately 100 centimeters tall. The main mission of the robot was to carry books from the base to the Children’s Library. What surprised me the most was that when I turned around and faced the owl, it was actually saying, “Excuse me” to me. How advanced! I spent most of my time on the process of application (counting in the time waiting in line) so I could only look around the first and second floors.
    Let’s begin with the first floor. I started my observation in the Children’s Library. When I walked into the space, different feelings came across my mind at once: jealousy, anger and enviousness. “Why do they get to enjoy such convenient facilities and equipment?” The place is delicately and well decorated; it forms a warm and harmonious atmosphere. The first things that caught my eyes were the audio books. A sensor was attached to each of the page. When I put the book in front of the computer camera, the exact page that I flipped appeared on the screen. What was unusual is that the people drawn in the book, which were supposed to be flat, popped out of the book that was shown on the screen. I was amazed at this technique. I also saw many computers and comfortable rolling chairs with cute patterns on them.
    After visiting the children’s library, I moved towards the second floor. Before I stepped on the stairs, I noticed that the floor in front of the stairs was quite dirty. I was wondering, “Isn’t this a newly-built construction? Why is the floor so untidy?” Then I went up stairs, the second floor was where all the videos are displayed. Although there are so many DVDs, the way the library categorize them is quite hard for me to find what I want to watch.
    I was not pleased with their restrooms. When I entered, I found out that they didn’t have tissue in there; there was only a vending machine outside. Thus, it was quite inconvenient. I thought places like this should have provided these things. After visiting the national Taichung library, although there were some parts that I wasn’t happy with, I thought that this would still be a great place for students to study and acquire information.

  8. When I have the first eye on NTL, it catches my eye. The shape is so different from other one and considerable. It’s just like a giant spaceship landing on Taichung. The NTL seems to have some magic power attracting crowded to pilgrim. Especially, grass around the spaceship adds a peace and silence ambience.
    I am keen to walk into there. I saw four mascots there. They are owls which symbols that knowledge is power. They are Rupi, Eepi, Appi and Lapi, which means “R”eading, “E”xploring, re”A”ction and“L”earning. After exploring there, I found it is a high-tech place. There are less crew there. This is because most of things are automatic including check in and check out books machines and E-Newspaper. Everything there is novelty. We are like to live in 22 century. However, such a modern technology leads to some problems. Some people don’t know how to use those machines. Although there is a guide manual, NTL should publicize it more. Or some people don’t know how to use them.
    I will like to introduce some handy and convenient product such as robots and note of the books. This little and cute robot walks around the first floor leisurely. It has a variety of functions containing to collect and categorize them. About the note of books you can print out the number of the books, which can help you find it easily. However some people are lack of civism. As long as they print out the note, they just throw it on the desk. I saw a pile of deserted paper there. It’s a little pity that people ruin the beautiful and comfortable environment.
    As for the environment, it has a variety of designed chairs. Except white and black chairs, there are some blue, yellow and orange ones. They are very colorful, which enriches the color of white spaceship. There are also many soft sofas offered there to let people watch DVD comfortably.
    Above all, it is a good study place there, everyone makes the best use of its facilities. Only we use those information well, everyone can find your own piece of treasure from the NTL.